Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 MILLI.. 2 MILLI... 2 MILLI... YA DIG????

Producer TRISTAN ‘T MIX’ JONES is suing the owners of Cash Money Records for more than $2 million amid allegations of breach of contract. The beatmaker - formerly signed to Bryan ‘Baby’ Williams, aka Birdman, and Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams’ label - claims he has only received partial payments for his work on four Cash Money albums between 2005 and 2007. Jones filed his lawsuit in the United States Eastern District Court in Louisiana on 26 February (09), alleging he entered into an exclusive deal to provide production for artists on the Cash Money roster, including Lil Wayne and Baby. He was also required to work on programming, arranging, recording, mixing and editing. But Jones claims he was never paid in full for his contribution to albums including Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 2 in 2005, Baby’s Fast Money in 2005, and the pair’s collaborative disc, Like Father, Like Son in 2006. Jones goes on to allege that the records have gone on to sell over three million copies - and he should at least be entitled to the $2.25 million worth of work put in. He is seeking compensation for royalties owed, in addition to court and attorney costs.

Well there goes all the new gift Weezy was receiving from Birdman i.e., "Louie V' brief case with on Milli in it, new ride worth over 1 milli. Hell that is two milli right there. Pay that man so he can go on about his business.

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