Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lizz Robbins Steps Into Da Locker Room!!!

DMV's own Lizz Robbins has stepped into Da Locker Room to talk about the thing we love most about her...herself! Just in case you don't know much about Lizz here's a quick rundown. Lizz has been featured in King Magazine and calendar as there first Webgirl of the Year as well as writing a blog on there website. She is also the Remy Martin Spokemodel and will be featured in their 2008 Calendar. And on top of that she is the commissioner of her own fantasy football league (talk about a fantasy) while holding down a full-time government job while aspiring to be an actress. The bottom line is no slackers need apply for Lizz's time. So without further adieu, here are a few random questions from DLR to Lizz.
  • South Beach or Southeast? I love DC, but I have to go with South Beach
  • Ben's Chili Bowl or Florida Ave. Grill? Ben's Chili Bowl hands down! It's historic
  • National Harbor or Baltimore Harbor? Baltimore Harbor
  • Grey Goose or Belvedere? Neither, not into vodka, Remy's pretty good (lol)
  • Ketchup or mumbo sauce? Mumbo Sauce
  • Slow lane or fast lane? Slow Lane, whatever you're trying to get to will be there if it's worth it
  • Hybrid or Suv? Hybrid, I'm all about saving natural energy resources
  • Hillary Clinton or Clinton Portis? Clinton Portis, since he plays for the Redskins
  • Redskins or Cowboys? See above. Hail to the Redskins!
  • Nationals or Orioles? I have been an Orioles fan forever, but I support the Nats, since they are in the NL
  • Fantasy football or real football? Ahhh, tough one, I have to say both, nothing like being at a real football game, and nothing like being able to choose your own team
  • Deshawn or Lebron? I drink Sprite so I have to go with Lebron LOL
  • Kanyeezy or Weezy? Weezy is hot right now, but I'm feeling Kanyeezy a little more
  • Tupac or Biggie? Tupac hands down
  • Alicia or Beyonce? I have to go with Alicia, but for all around performance I would go with Beyonce
  • Kappa's or Q's? I have to give love to all of the Divine Nine, we all are brothers and sisters
  • Theater or DVD? DVD, a better value
  • Heels or Sneaks? Both, I love to dress up, I also love to comfortable
  • Louie or Gucci? Neither, not really into name brands

(Now the answers DLR really want to know...lol)

  • Top or bottom? I wear tops and bottoms (you're dealing with a woman who's had media training LOL)
  • Pajamas or birthday suit? Jammies! I have some cute Betty Boop jammies!
  • Fast or Slow? Depends on the ride (no pun intended lol)
  • Smooth or Rough? I prefer smooth surfaces
  • Shave or graze? In the summer time it's better to shave, but I prefer waxing
  • Da Locker Room (us) or Surgery? Da Locker Room of course!!!! Y'all have one of the hottest blogs (next to mine lol).
If you want to know more about Lizz (I know yall do), you can check her out on her website or myspace page.

Shout out to Lizz's parents and her AKA sorors for producing such a fine woman! Lol. Thanks for the love Lizz.


The Resume King said...

Boy that sure is one fine woman. Great interview. Da Locker Room is all of it.

K-PAX said...


But you forgot one question: "K-Pax or K-Pax"

Anonymous said...

Wowwwww! Didn't know yall were big time like that. I need to start checking out this site more often

5th and K said...

Great to see folks from the area doing good out here!!
And it doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous!!
Keep doing your thing Lizz.....much love and success to ya!!

Luv me some Lizz!!....(can you tell)..ha ha

Mr. LuCrack said...

All That and I still dont know if she is single or not.

Anonymous said...

If you got game Mr. Lucrack...it don't matter...

Anonymous said...

Lizz Robbins is off da hook! Look at that 2nd picture. Oh my! How long has this site been around?

LU said...

Another beautiful (and I do mean bu-te-ful) Redskin fan, you got to love this city!!!!

The Resume King said...

Someone to kiss
Someone to Miss..

To be loved, to be loved.. LOL..

The king is her man. Just check out the name on her thigh.

Anonymous said...

This whole sight is tight. LMAO at damn near every post.

Mr. LuCrack said...

Just want to know which Game I need to come at her with..thats all...anonymous.

BigBoyFloyd said...

Got me a new Myspace friend! Great interview! Anonymous glad you like the page my friend, please be sure to tell people to check us out man!

And feel free to register a nick for yourself here.

Big D said...

Great interview with Lizz... and yea, she's ALL OF IT!! WOW!
I'll see this fall in the fantasy leagues Lizz!

mayfield70 said...

Lizz handled that interview better than any model I have seen in a while. She handled it like a real pro

LiteSknLover said...

If my Lizz is real she'll be back and when she comes back she should KNOW that, I'm in South Beach, I luv mumbo sauce, I have the NFL ticket just to watch the Skins, I know a vodka that she'll fall in love with and I have no problem not buying her name brand stuff! We're a couple made in heaven, get at me!

Anonymous said...

LiteSknLover you sound like a staaaalker! Lol