Friday, October 3, 2008

DMV's Own Sharon Divine (Sirius Radio) Steps Into Da Locker Room

DMV's own beautiful and talented Sharon Divine took a few minutes out of her busy schedule of interviewing national artist like T.I., Young Jeezy and many others to talk to the Da Locker Room. Before we get started here's a quick run down for the DLR. Ms. Divine is Korean and Black and graduated from the University of Maryland. (Go Terps!) She lived in VA and worked in healthcare before she made her move to the Big Apple. She is currently co hosting Hip Hop Nation with DJ Green Lantern on Sirius Satellite Radio. In her downtime she loveeeees sports especially watching football and she hoops on occasion. And of course the big question is...Yes she is single and looking for a man but you better come correct and be ready to put her in a mansion in Wiscansin. LoL!

So without further adieu...Ms. Sharon Divine's preferences...

  • Being on TV or Radio? Both! Been told I don't have a face for radio...but as long as I have an audience that will listen...both for me
  • South Bronx or Southeast? Looollllll damn...probably neither! Southeast dc fam holds me down
  • South Beach or South Korea? lol... South beach never been to s. Korea. Shout to my moms though ;o)
  • Fantasy football or real football? Reallllllll
  • Football or basketball? Both
  • Redskins or Giants? Giants...sorry DMV
  • Knicks or Nets? Nets
  • Yankees or Mets? Yankees
  • Metro or Subway? Subway...
  • Hybrid or Suv? Lol I'm going green...but love my SUVs
  • Slow lane or fast lane? Fast lane....I'm speeding
  • Hillary or Palin? Hil
  • Jamie or Martin? Jamie
  • Denzel or Wil? mmmm...harrrddd one! Big willy!
  • Hancock or Green Lantern? Lol....loves it! GOT GREEN? Greenlantern fo sho!
  • Kanyeezy or Weezy? kanyeezy!
  • Tupac or Biggie? Both! I live in the stuy! But have lots of cali love
  • Solange or Beyonce? Solange! Bitch speaks her mind!
  • Vodka or Cognac? Vodka!
  • Carryout or bodego? carry out..bodega on the late night after the club
  • KFC or Popeyes? popeyes!
  • Ketchup or mumbo sauce? hot sauce
  • Heels or flats? Heels! Lifts the butt and makes legs look long and lean
  • Pajamas or birthday suit? Bday suit!
  • Shave or graze? shave
  • Top or bottom? Top...I like to be in control
  • Slow or rough? Slow....then grab my neck and choke me!
  • Roughneck or metrosexual? A well kept man with swagga
  • DLR(us) or poverty? DLR baby! God bless those less fortunate...I never forget and am always praying
Thanks to the dream woman Ms. Divine for stepping into DLR and hopefully she will keep us up to date on whats next for her as she continues to do big things in the Big Apple. If you need more info on her now, click here and maybe she'll be your friend...Lol!


The King said...

This is why I luv working for DLR.

LU said...

Giants WFT Divine...Alright well let it pass. Ha

Anonymous said...

Damn...they need to put her on tv. Sirius is slippin.

Anonymous said...

Did she say "slow and the choke me"? I think i love her.

LU said...


LiteSknLover said...

That's my pleasure!! I catch a dog and I choke it and kick the shit out of it!

Divine guess what, lucky you, Big Daddy is in town, got one night to clown, baby gurl, u down?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sexy can I?

Big D said...

LMAO @ anonymous!! Huh man!

BigBoyFloyd said...

Great interview.