Friday, February 13, 2009

Top 10 DMV Hood Games

Da Locker Room was debating, what were/is the most played and most fun games growing up in the hood....Even though we still play a lot of these games as adults (video games excluded). After much discussion, this is what we came up with.

1. Craps- Much like that scene on Roscoe Jenkins a friendly dice game usually ends with someone being upset or a flat out fight....Remember only gamble what you can afford to lose.

2. Tonk- Great card game if craps is too fast for you. In the DMV you learn this game the week after you learn UNO. A lot of guys either ate good or starved in high school because of this game.

3. Spades- One of the best social games there is. Can be played at the family cookout with Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie as well as at a cookout amongst friends, and when that fine shawty you have had your eye on asks the room for a partner it never hurts to step up but you better bring your A game if you plan on taking things further. (in other words dont get caught reniging)

4. 33 (21 for you suburban dudes)- Got an odd number of players on the b-ball court? Or no one wants to team up with the sorry dude. "33" was the game to play. "33" teaches young kids the importance of rebounding, foul shooting and boxing out. (O.K. maybe a stretch but still a fun game none the less.
5. Dominoes- Personally not a big fan of this game not really any good but a lot of guys in DLR like it so it made the list.

6. Slap Boxing/Going to the Body- Growing up if you backed down from a slap boxing or going to the body challenge could affect the way you are viewed quite possibly for the rest of your life amongst the fellas. This much like craps will usually end in someone feelings getting hurt or an all out fight.

7. Bidwhist (for the old heads)- Not too many in the DLR age range play this game mainly because of the popularity of Spades. Viewed by those who play as a more strategic game than spades thus requiring more skill to play and played by better card players. I like this game more than spades but scoring is more difficult than spades and not enogh people play.

8. Throw Back Tackle- An elementary school favorite. Too few or too many players for an organized game or not enough time this was the game. It literally is every man for himself. Cutthroat football. (rumor has it Barry Sanders was a star @ this game growing up)

9. _ on _ (insert your number) Street Football- Ususally impromptu. Only takes a football maybe some alcohol and a "You couldnt cover me in HS or now" comment and its on. (a "spotter" is recommended to warn of on coming cars you know how long the ER takes plus the one with no insurance usually gets hit so they will have that limp for the rest of their life)

10. Hide n Go Get it- I think this is the only MANDATORY CO-ED GAME on this list a derivitive of Hide n Go seek except if you found the person you were looking for it was all good. Usually played between the hours of "My parents are @ work")

Honorable Mention: Truth or Dare

What was your favorite? What did we leave out?


Anonymous said...

Lol@ hid and go get it

Ms. Mahogany said...

DAMN. I was too innocent to play Hide n Go Get it back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Freeze tag nukkas!

Anonymous said...

What about tag or freeze tag?

Ms. Mahogany said...

Oh yeah! And (I might be by myself on this one) Wresting. But it was 80s Baby wrestin with Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake, Million Dollar Man and maybe a lil Rick Flair.

da part-a planna said...

Scrollin down da list i was hoping i could add hide n go git it but you gots it covered!!! Spin da bottle was how i got my first 'french kiss'....azz was years later though.....should've kept on playin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Backyard wrestling is a good one too.

BigBoyFloyd said...

Wrestling males vs. females, tonk and slap-boxing back in the middle and high school days!

Anonymous said...

Has any one ever heard of Butt on the Pole?

Ms. Mahogany said...


Anonymous said...

Its actually a basketball game...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I forgot about butt on the pole. (no homo)