Thursday, February 19, 2009

Old school with a new twist!!!

I know ya'll remember when the classic video game "Street Fighter II" hit the streets and the long lines and many quarters spent trying to learn moves and prove you were the best (those were the days).

Well say hello to the reincarnate: "Street Fighter IV" for the XBOX 360 and PS3. The game which premiered last week is getting rave reviews (got a 9.0 from looks to be fun as hell. Of course the graphics and colors look 100 times better and the action as always is non stop. Another great feature is the ability to play your boys online. You can kick azz and talk trash to anyone in the world all on the comfort of your couch. You can earn up to 25 characters (including the old cast) in this game which is accomplished by beating the game with different fighters. With new moves combos and characters this is a must buy for any hard core gamers who love fighting or even the OG who remembers and loves the original. So get out and cop Street Figher 4 in stores now.