Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Top 5 Annual Outdoor Events in the DMV

From the Desk of Mr. Lucrack

DLR Likes to get out and about around town. If you are new to the area or just dont get out that much let this be your guide to whats going down in the DMV. Most of the events are free, and the entertainment is great!

1.) Howard Homecoming- One of the premier annual events in the fall on the east coast. Granted many will argue the late night parties are where its at during this event, where up and coming artists along side established veterans in the game can be seen out on the town enjoying the festivities as well as hitting the stage and performing their latest hits. You can enjoy yourself at Howard Homecoming around campus before and after the game....You definitely will encounter future DLR furniture saleswomen at this event.

2.) Stone Soul Picnic- This event held in RFK parking lot (former home of the mighty mighty Redskins) always has great acts, you can usually expect Chuck Brown to be in the spot...This free event attracts young and old alike. Great for the family and of course the eye candy is plentiful.

3.) Unifest- Held in the heart of Anacostia is also a free event, good acts. Think I saw BYB one year, generally Unifest will have an up and coming band which is always good too. And the SE ass is all over the place Good LAWD! (Sorry ladies but this will be a recurring theme).

4.) Georgia Ave Day- How could it be so free? More of a parade than anything, which is cool if you like that sort of thing. GA ave day usually has bands at Banneker, marred by violence some years ago, I still would have no problem attending. You will Definitely encounter future candidates to be featured in the Red Beans and Rice Pic of the week.

5.) SKINS/COWGIRLS Tailgating- Especially if its a Primetime game. Although I can't stand them Cowgirl fans, its still a good time to get with all the other Skins fans and re-live the glory years (Geez!).......Come on Skins!

There it is....So in the words of the baddestmosttalented's favorite rap group "You need to get up get out and get something...."

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da part-a planna said...

Hey baddest.m.t.......you actually cosignin' on this..... esp. #5??!! Did that basement go from blue to burgundy??!! My man......