Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"As we roll through these evil streets" GTA4 pt 2

If you loved the mayhem and violence of Grand Theft Auto 4 (which I know you did), then you must go get...uh download "GTA 4: The lost and the damned" coming to your Xbox360 today! This new game is only available if you have XBOX Live and will come at a price of $20 to download.

This new story takes place in the same city with Niko B. but you will play totally different missions (20+ missions), get new rides, and of course brand new weapons. Even if you havent beaten the first part, it is still worth downloading as the 2 characters are totally seperate even though their paths will cross at certain parts of the game. So get out there and live you dreams of being a street thung in a thriving metropolis (without getting hurt) on xbox live starting today!

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