Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Bobby Jindel, Governor of Louisiana, who made the Republican response to President Obama's speech last night for Congress was a damn joke. Are we supposed to just forget about the hundreds of black folks that drowned or heck just last week Lil Wayne singing with Robin Thicke "TIE MY HANDS" at the Grammy's to shed more light on what is still not happening in the NO. The Gov. Boddy Jindel want America to believe that while in office he was the reason for the new found success in New Orleans, La. Hell in the NO yesterday right before this speech took place Six people - including a baby - was hurt after a shooting incident at the New Orleans Mardi Gras in the US. Police lining the parade route on historic St Charles Avenue heard the shots among the crowd at about 1340 local time. And we are supposed to listen to this dude who doesn't even have a hold on his own state.
More than half of your state still lives in trailers right outside of their real homes. Half of the city is still without power. If this is what the Republicans have in store with representation of their party for the future I am sure glad we voted Democrat.

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