Friday, February 13, 2009

"What to watch in sports" Weekend Edition

Its valentine weekend and unless you are caught up with your boo, there will be plenty of sporting action going on over the next 3 days. With the unusual springtime weather we are having in the DMV area comes the start of training camp for baseball players and steroid scandals. This HGH thing is getting out of control but I digress because winter is still here and baseball doesn't start opening day until April so lets focus on basketball.

The NBA all-star weekend will be shown on TNT and ESPN starting tonight, so watch out for the slam dunk contests, rookies vs sophmores and the big game of stars on Sunday. In college we have some pretty big matchups like G'Town vs Syracuse and UCLA at Arizona. The full run down is below.

Friday, Feb 13
-Allstar Celeberty game (espn@7pm) "All these whack azz celeberty personalities try to live their dream of playing in the NBA, and were supposed to care?"
-Allstar rookie challange (tnt@9pm)

College bball-
-Villanova at West Virginia (espn@9pm) "Nova is rolling but West Va will be tough at home"

Saturday, Feb 14
-Allstar Dunk/3point/Skills contest (tnt@8:30pm) "I'm thinking of a way to weasle out of valentine to catch the dunk contest"

College bball-
-Gtown at Syracuse (espn@noon) "Great rivalry in bball, put Gtown is looking like a young team that may not make the torny in March."
-UCLA at Arizona (cbs@1pm) "Always a good West coast matchup"
-Va Tech at Maryland (fox@4pm) "WTF Gary Williams? Make sure yall check out the mini series on Maryland in the Washington Post"

Sunday, Feb 15
-Allstar basketball game (tnt@8pm) "Dunks and fancy defense. Got to love it"

College bball-
-Clemson at VA (channel 20@1pm) "VA has no chance"
-North Carolina at Miami (csn@7:45pm)

-Daytona 500 (fox@2pm)

-Peeble Beach (cbs@3pm)

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