Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top 10 DMV Clothing Lines (All Time)

From the desk of Mr Lucrack:

Da Locker Room is delving into the world of fasion. Here is our list of the 10 top clothing lines in the DMV. Mr. Blackwell, eat your heart out.
1.) Madness Connection/Universal Madness- Going back to the hats that put them on the map in the 80's and providing the consumer the ability to put their unique stamp on their gear with letters and numbers, Madness has kept the DMV laced for almost 25 years.

2.) HOBO - Helping Our Brothers Out - HOBO keeps the big guy lookin sharp. Or just a guy that likes big boy clothes. Here too you could put your own "uniqueness" on your gear.

3.) We R One- Seen as an "uptown" thing by most We R One marketed their sun symbol (some say it resembles versace) to the DMV while at the same time keeping high profile athletes laced in the newest and latest "One" gear. Big G aka Slim Charles stayed laced in his "One" during his first season on The Wire. (remember when Backyard only wore madness?) Not having a store in DC may hurt their presence.....Come back to DC!

4.) Solbiato- Relatively new to the scene Solbiato has become a hot item. Being a pricey propostion may be half the allure, but if you want to impress that new shorty, it may be worth the trip to Georgetown.

5.)All Daz- From a small store front in the heart of DC, All Daz has been at the front of the clothing circuit in style and quality gear. All Daz has also been on the national scene, lacing boxer Paul Williams in its duds. Good Look All Daz.

6.) DDTP- Designer Discounters Trading Post- This line was hot hot hot in the early 90's then poof - like a blunt around Lil Wayne -they were gone. A lot of people believe DDTP "jumped the shark" going nationwide and appearing in Up Against the Wall losing its credibility as a "DC" fasion. But DLR cant hate on any body going out there and getting that Scrilla......

7.) Shooters- Classic DC style. Shooters been around for a minute but somtimes one has to wonder if they could do more...DLR will be on the lookout for hot shooters gear this summer.

8.) Planet Chocolate City- The name says it all. Originally located near 8th & H NE, then moving uptown on Georgia Ave. near Madness, now closed. This line would get you looking right. The selection was most times slim but if you hit them on the right day you could definitely find something good and they also had the option of adding your own swag. Everywhere I go I get compliments on the Chocolate City gear I have.

9.) Squares- Shout out to Uptown they definitely have an edge when it comes to the gear. Squares like Shooters you definitely wondered if they could do more. Squares does have staying power, looking for more from them in the future also.

10.) YOU- Thats right the whole DMV- if you have ever sat at home and cut up a pair of jeans, a shirt, made a hat out of a shirt or out of a pair a jeans, used fabric to make an item of clothing that a normal person with less of an imagination would have never thought of. This goes out to you. Keep your Swag on a 100 DMV.DMV definitely have a style all their own. You could almost spot a cat from DC anywhere in the world from their gear alone. Keep doing it DMV and support your local businesses.

Honorable Mention: Abstracts, Ghetto Hills, Citywide, Citylife, Clockwise, Mchunu

Editors Note: DLR is not above accepting Ummmm product to analyze and review the quality.....so ummm...email DLR for mailing address if needed.

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