Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rev. Frederick K.C. Price: Passing the torch to "The Boy".

Frederick Price, the esteemed founder of the Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) -- in the Los Angeles area -- is leaving his post as the head pastor of the 22,000-member megachurch and will install his son, Pastor Frederick Price, Jr., as his successor. It will all be made official on March 15, the same day that the junior Pastor Price turns 30 years old.

"Fred will start his public ministry at the same age Jesus did. That is prophetic," said the elder Price, who will turn 77 this year during the church's 35th anniversary celebration. "I will still be around as [the] apostle and working with the board of directors, but it's time for Pastor Price, Jr. to get into the driver's seat. I will still mentor him."

Wow, I grew up on watching this dude any now and then on Sunday mornings, I didnt even know he was still alive! Let's hope his son is ready to carry on his legacy. Click here for the whole story at AOL blackvoices.

(smh @ that 2nd pic of them together, did they lose a bet or something?)

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