Tuesday, March 24, 2009

State of the NBA

With a little more than three weeks to play in the regular season, the NBA 82 game season has taken another step up on the intensity level. As many teams fight for their playoff lives, other teams are fighting for home court advantage. This is the perfect opportunity for the casual NBA fan to catch up on where their team is before the playoffs start(unless your a Wizards fan, then you go for the best draft pick, SMH!).

The two most consistent teams in the league have been the Cavaliers and the Lakers. Lebron and Kobe have been lighting up the league and are the two top contenders for MVP (along with D. Wade). This matchup could very well be a preview of the NBA Finals in June. The defending champion Boston Celtics have been pretty solid but faced multiple injuries during the season and currently sitting five games behind the Cavs. The Orlando Magic have also been pretty strong (same record as Celts) but the season ending injury to J. Nelson has slowed their torrid start to the first half of the season. Of course the veteran squad of the San Antonio Spurs is in the hunt, but the upstart Houston Rockets are currently in 2nd place in the West and doing this without Tracy McGrady whose out for the year.

The teams fighting to get the 8th and final spots are: Chicago, Charlotte, Milwaukee, and New Jersey with Chicago leading the pack by a couple of games. In the west it is Portland, Dallas and Phoenix battling for the 7th and 8th spots but someone will be eliminated.

Here's how the matchups would look if the season ended today. Its time to put on your NBA cap because things are going to get hot real quick!

8Chicago at 1Cleveland
7Detroit at 2Boston
6Phili at 3Orlando
5Miami at 4Atlanta
8Dallas at 1LA
7Portland at 2Houston
6Utah at 3San Antonio
5New Orleans at 4Denver

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