Monday, March 23, 2009

The Return of Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas is planning to return to action against the Pistons this Saturday, according to Chris Miller of Comcast SportsNet.

"You're the first to get the truth," Arenas said in a text message. "I'm playing Saturday against Detroit. And I'm only playing home games but I will play in Cleveland. Me and Cleveland fans have this love, hate relationship." This is the closest thing to a guarantee we've heard all season, though it's doubtful he'll help fantasy owners too much -- he'll be extremely rusty, and the maximum number of games he'll play in (according to his self-made schedule) is five.

This bama better not mess up our draft positioning. He need to sit his azz down for the rest of the year to make sure he healthy for next year.


LU said...

Wizard domination starts this week...HAAAAAAAA

da part-a planna said...

Can we even pay-a-blue-chip-nukka??!!! Gil needzta help out his team with all that bread!!! LOL!!! BLAKE!!! BLAKE!!!! BLAKE!!!