Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh yeah he's back and I am not talking Video games. Did you see it yesterday.. Please tell DLR you did. Another classic moment for you guessed it "Tiger Woods".. With cameras flashing in the approaching darkness, Woods delivered another rock-star moment by making a birdie on the final hole to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational by one shot and match the largest comeback in his PGA Tour career. When the tournament started on Thursday Tiger was all over the place, ball on the cart path, ball in the water/drink, taking drops because they couldn't even find his ball. Now this was Thursday, on Friday you started to see sign of what once was, and on Saturday Sean O'Hair had to be getting nervous. Now comes Sunday and I think Tiger took off the Gloves and his head protection and said like my man Micheal Buffer "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE". Because from the first tee he was on fire and he never turn back and you could just sense the magic creepin' into the match. It had fist pumps, hats over the face to hide the language, the man was simple in a zone and his only opponent was Tiger and Tiger Woods only. I just have to say this dude is the best ever, now I never saw Jack Nicolas, or Arnold Palmer in their hay day but who cares I don't think they could even come close to beating Tiger. He is the man.. Please make sure you watch the Master's tournament because folks Tiger Woods is Back and better than ever...

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