Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hand It Over! All Of It!

Cash Money, Cash Money, Cash Money - jacking for beats? WTF? U.S. Magistrate Daniel Knowles III ordered Mr. Carter to hand over all financial informatin from the sales revenue of Tha Carter III. Whoa! All the money? Damnnnnnnn! Turns out Cash Money Records failed to seek permission to use a sample of Mrs. Karma-Ann Swanepoel's song "I Feel Like Dying". So Bird & Weezy F. Baby just stole the shyt and took it for their own. I guess this is what Lil Wayne meant when he said he was a gangsta on Kattie Couric's pre-Grammy show. Gangsta my azz. That crap died with Al Capone. Ain't no more stinking gangstas.

Cash Money's legal team cried that the track had little to no success attributable to Lil Wayne's career. So I guess that gives a nukka the right to take his shyt? Come on, Cash Money. You have to do better than that. It's time for Young Money now.

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