Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Purple Reign

Prince is back! He's not only releasing one but three albums today. The albums LOtUSFLOW3R, MPLSoUND and Elixer are available today as free downloads to fans who pay the $77 annual membership fee for his new LotusFlow3r.com website, marking Prince's official return to cyberspace since shutting down his pioneering NPG Music Club in 2006. The three discs will be sold exclusively at Target starting Sunday in an $11.98 bundle.

Also out today is Jim Jones' major label debut, Pray IV Reign. I guess that's why it's no coincidence he was on Funkmaster Flex's show last night talking about getting back with Killer Cam. Cam'ron been droppin some heat lately, so I guess he wants to have a ship to jump on once his sinks.

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