Thursday, March 26, 2009


Secretary of State Hilary R. Clinton, took a trip the Mexico this week regarding the drug violence south of the border. Now I am having a hard time with this because she claims that "Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade". She also stated that "proceeds from drugs sold in the United States -- an estimated $15 billion to $25 billion a year -- support Mexican drug gangs". To me this is a prime example of why Marijuanna should be legalized. Just think if the U.S. can get $15 billion to $25 billion a year selling weed along with the Dutch Maters, Cigarello's, Philly blunts, whiteboys, etc. that most individuals use when smoking marijuanna, we would be out of a recession in three years. It's that simple.. DLR reported two weeks ago that there is no larger money maker in the USA outside of Marijuanna. So really what are we doing here I understand that it isn't for everybody but $15 billion a year, to me that should be considered a no brainer.

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