Friday, March 27, 2009


the Latino gang Sur 13, with roots tracing to a notorious Mexican prison gang in Southern California, tried to pick up more members at Franklin Middle School, just off Centreville Road in western Fairfax County, VA., court records state.

Students are claiming that a current gang member in the school was out to recruit middle school kid between the ages of 13 and 16. WTF.. Also children were told that they could either get "jumped in" -- in which a 13-second beating is inflicted as a gang initiation rite -- or do "missions" to earn his membership and for those who declined the initiation they had to swear not to say anything to anybody or else.. Again WTF!!!

One kid fearing for his life participated in the "jumping in" of a Chantilly High School student. The second student said he was taught hand signs that the officer recognized as being from the Sur 13 gang, and the student was told to wear blue clothing at school and at home. Another student said that he participated in a "jump in" by recording it on his cellphone so show proof to gang leaders that the jumpin in had been completed.

DLR fam, we have got to wake up from this madness surrounding our children. I understand reping your hood but gangs. This has to be one of the most cowardly acts ever created by man.

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