Monday, March 2, 2009

More Obama Bullshyt!

Amidst all the controversial racist rhetoric related to Obama comes this breaking story. The blueprints for the Presidential helicopter, "Marine One" were found on an IP address in Iran. Yes, the plans and all secrets of Obama's chopper where found on a Peer to Peer network (applications where you can download anything from anybody for free) such as your Limewire or Aries software. A company that monitors these Peer networks said that it came from a defense contractor in Bethesda MD. There are ivestigations looking into this national security breach.
So from this we learn 2 lessons:
1) There seems to be a small portion of the country that will do anything to take our PRESIDENT down
2) When you download Sharware software you are leaving all of your personal information open for the public to consume.

Wake up and smell the coffee people...(well you do get free music, LOL)

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