Friday, April 10, 2009

Is Lil Wayne A Gay Fish Too?

I was about to do a post about the new Ken Griffeys(pictured) when I remembered the lyrics from Lil Wayne's song "Getting Some Head". Weezy F. Baby (wtf?) spits the following line: "I gotta bytch with her mouth like that boy Ken Griffey" *clears throat* WTF?!!!! IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!

Then last week internets sites start posting video of Wayne and Baby on 106 & Park kissing and admitting it. Wayne yells "I'm the only one he kisses" *clears throat* WTF?!!!! IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!

Shouldn't South Park be calling him a gay fish too? Is rap truly gay-friendly? If anyone can decipher the meaning of that line it would be greatly appreciated so I continue to enjoy his music without feeling like I'm listening to Boy George or some shyt.

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Anonymous said...

He's bi-sexual atleast.