Wednesday, April 22, 2009


If you haven't gone out to get that new Officer Rick Ross CD, you're missing out on something great. All I know is Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, needs to get his rap game together because the Boss is on Fire. So far the best 50 Cent could do was come up with another stupid YouTube video with some dude in a Gorilla Suit marking Rick Ross. Isn't 50 cent a rapper, WTF is all the dumb shyt about... It was funny at first but now that the Boss is putting out the hits, it's time for 50 cent to get back to making music before the G-Unit really falls apart. They already have some of the worst rapper on his label.. OH!! Don't act like you didn't know. Tony Ye-Yo, Lloyd Banks, etc. SORRY!!!! SORRY!!! SORRY!!! Please get them out of here.

I personally think this is one of his best albums ever. He has a great list of artist on the CD to just take it over the top. I don't think it is on a Milli in a week status but damn sure close.

My personal favorite today is "YACHT CLUB"... Check back with The King & DLR tomorrow and I'll let you know if the "YACHT CLUB" is still the #1 song of the day...

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