Friday, April 17, 2009

What to watch in sports: Weekend Edition!!

IT'S PLAYOFF TIME BABY! This weekend we have a full load of games on TV. The NBA playoffs kick off on Saturday with 8 teams playing and 8 more on Sunday. The hockey playoffs have already started and DMV's own Washington Capitals took an L in game 1 to lose home ice advantage (SMH can anyone around here win anything?). The Caps look to bounce back in game 2 Saturday. Definately stock up on the beverages cuz its going to be a great weekend.

Friday, April 17
-Baltimore at Boston (MASN@7pm) "Looky here, looky here. The Birds are doing some early damage in the AL East. Can they keep it up against Boston?"
-Florida at Washington (MASN2@7pm) "Woo the Nats finally won a game, its off to the races now!"

Saturday, April 18
-Bulls at Celtics (espn@12:30pm) "The defending champions will take on a young Bulls team without KG in the mix. This series could get crucial for the Celts if they lose focus"
-Pistons at Cavs (abc@3pm) "Is this the year LeBron takes it all. If so they will start with the Pistons who should be a easy win. Beware the wiley vets though"
-Mavs at Spurs (espn@8pm) "The Spurs are hurting and the Mavs are streaking. This may be a tougher battle that everyone thinks"
-Rockets at Portland (espn@10:30) "The young upstart Trailblazers are a pretty scary team to face for anybody in the playoffs. Dare I even say they can challenge the mighty Lakers in the West...but they are young. Rockets ehhhh, may give them a good battle"

-Florida at Washington (MASN@1pm)
-Baltimore at Boston (MASN@7pm)

-NY Rangers at Caps (nbc@1pm) "Can the Caps show the dominance of the regular season or was it all just BS?"

Sunday, April 19
-Jazz at Lakers (abc@3pm) "Man the Lakers look pretty dayum tough, Jazz not so much on the road"
-76ers at Magic (tnt@5:30pm) "The Magic will miss Nelson but if Superman wants the big recognition, he needs to start winning in the playoffs. I dont see Phili putting up much of a fight."
-Heat at Hawks (tnt@8pm) "This may be a great series. DWade's MVP play vs the Hawks who took Boston to 7 last year."
-Hornets at Nuggets (tnt@10:30pm) "Another good series. Tyson Chandler is back but can he knock the rust off to help his team. Billups vs Paul will be exciting"

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