Friday, April 24, 2009

What to watch in sports: Weekend Edition!!

The NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing and the intensity level is high. The Celtics rebound in strong fashion and the Dallas Mavs blowout the Spurs at home. The Lakers and Cavs look like they will meet in the Finals as the most dominate team but one never knows in a 7 game series. And who could forget the NFL DRAFT this Sat. and Sun...enough said.

DLR has the schedule for you sports viewing pleasure:

Friday, April 24
-Cleveland at Detroit (espn@7pm) "Its looking ugly for the Pistons, LeBron and company are tearing off in their azzes (no homo)"
-Orlando at Phili (espn2@8pm) "This series may actually go 7 games as the 76ers are stepping up to make this a competitive one"
-Portland at Houston (espn@9pm)"Roy scored 42pts last game. Game 3 could be a momentum builder if Portland wins but could also be crushing if they lose"

-NY at Washington (cns@7pm) "This is do or die for our Caps folks, we were waiting for a winner but looks like well end up with a chicken dinner" LOL

-Nationals at Mets (MASN@7pm)

Saturday, April 25
-DRAFT-(espn@4pm), (espn2@9pm) "WTF is Dan Snyder doing? Poor Jason Campbell. Are we getting a QB or not? SMH"

-Nuggets at Hornets (espn@1pm) "The Hornets get there turn to put the heat to the Nuggets at home"
-Spurs at Mavs (tnt@4pm)
-Atlanta at Miami (tnt@6:30pm)
-Lakers at Jazz (espn@9pm)

-Nats at Mets (MASN@1pm)
-Yankees at Red Sox (fox@4pm) "A rivalry as old as time"

Sunday, April 26
-Nats at Mets (channel50@1pm)
-Yankees at Red Sox (espn@8pm)

-DRAFT (espn@10am)

-Caps at Rangers if the Caps are still alive (nbc@2pm)

-Boston at Chicago (abc@1pm)
-Cleveland at Pistons (abc@3:30pm)
-Orlando at Phili (tnt@6:30pm)
-Portland at Houston (tnt@9pm)

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