Wednesday, April 29, 2009


DLR would like to take some time and say thanks to President Barack H. Obama, who has done an outstanding job under the circumstances. A lot of organizations/haters have tried to make a mockery out of the President and what he stands for, but everytime you turn on the news you can see individuals from all over the world still over joyed at the site cf true "CHANGE"..

So President Obama keep up the good work. DLR and it's readers support you 100%

P.S. Take the day of and "DO THE STINKY LEG.. DO THE STINY LEG... DO THE STINKY LEG!!!!!

P.S.S. Tell Michelle she can also "DO THE BOOTY DO"..

DLR loves ya man (no homo)..

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OBAMA via Da Part-a Planna said...

Thank you for your support!!! The 'stanky' leg is being dipped in creamsicle michelle right bout now on the oval office carpet. now yall keep them cameras out of my office....tired of seeing me and the missus private pics pop up on my blackberry....what, yall siced that I can hit it from the side, buss off on the carpet, and then send the maid in to clean it up??? I'm lovin' it!!!