Monday, April 27, 2009


KOBE Bryant has slam-dunked Spike Lee right before the taping of “Kobe: Doin Work” by demanding creative control over the filming/documentary and forcing Spike to drive to his house to beg for a meeting to save the project. My man Spike Lee, worked for months to get permission from Bryant, the Lakers team, coach Phil Jackson, the NBA and ESPN, which is supposed to air the day-in-the-life documentary on May 16. He even had the director had to flyto Los Angeles, where 30 cameras were in place for the April 13, 2008, Lakers game against the San Antonio Spurs. But suddenly Bryant said he wouldn’t cooperate unless he was granted creative control, sources said. What the hell does Kobe know about creative control in a Spike Lee joint. Spike tried several times to call Bryant, But the bama wouldn't even answer his damn phone. So Lee, at the suggestion of ESPN broadcaster Stephen A. Smith, drove to Bryant’s house in a gated community, where Bryant refused to see him, Now if that aint some Bitchazzness then WTF is. Come on Kobe you might want to go on and cooperate because youR season is going to end in Cleveland at the hands of The King. Maybe Spike should have just went with the Shaq approach and asked you to just "TELL HIM HOW HIS ASS TASTE:"..

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