Wednesday, April 29, 2009

End of an Era?

Throughout the past decade of the new millennium the Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs were a sure bet to go to the NBA playoffs, make some noise and in 4 cases win the NBA titles. Back to the present we see the Pistons barely make the playoffs at #8 and then get swept by the Cavaliers. Last night the Spurs who have been down lost 4-1 to the Dallas Mavs at home. These teams have had a GREAT run but the question is are they done?

The Pistons had made to the playoffs 7 years in a row and 6 of those years they made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. They were a defensive minded team that everyone in the East feared and that swagger finally won them a trophy in 2004.
With the loss of key reserve players and of course age the Pistons made some moves to ignite the team even though they were still winning. The biggest move was trading Billups to get Allen Iverson (in his elder years). This move ended up hurting Detroit as Lebron and crew swept through the proud organization and Iverson didnt play one minute in the playoffs. So now the Pistons have an aging Wallace, Hamilton, bench players like Kwame Brown (LOL) and need to find out where its going this off season. On the bright side they will have $20 Mil in cap room from Iversons expiring contract.

The Spurs are arguably the best team of the last 10 years (besides the Lakers). They have won 3 titles (even won back to back years) this decade and a staple team in the Western playoffs...enough said about their accomplishments. Again we come to the present and we have Tim Duncan missing an open dunk last night, and the Spurs losing at home in the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. In game 3 Duncan actually ended the game with 4PTS and 2REB. Sure the Spurs big 3 can still do it, but at age 33 Duncan will start to slow down soon and he already has 2 bad knees. Manu is getting up in age but still solid. The only problem is that he keep getting hurt. No problems with Tony Parker but besides those 3 the team cannot maintain on a consistent level. The thing that could really hurt the Spurs is the fact that they are still pretty good and should make the playoffs but this will prevent them from getting a high draft pick to continue dominance in the future.

So again I ask is this the end of an era for 2 dominating teams, or will management and coaches be able to keep the teams in the running over the next couple of years? Whatever happens hats off for a great run in the 2000's.

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The King said...

Phuck em' both go Celtics. LOL..