Thursday, April 23, 2009


Mary Mary is very interested in putting together an album with T.I. talking about the Good Lord. Now that would be an album I would stand in line for. Just take a look at what the group said about T.I.

Mary Mary (Tina): Yeah, I like TI. TI is so tight. I gotta buy the Walmart version, though. (she chuckles) I don’t know what he’s really saying. I have the Walmart version and it’s all really nice.

Mary Mary (Tina): (laughs) No, we don’t really know what that one is saying. But, I listen to his whole body of work and I think sometimes that people classify you on whatever that hit is, and that might the feel of radio and what everyone thinks is the biggest, but when you listen to their whole body of work it tells the story of who they are. I like listening to his story. Good album..

Well Mary Mary, DLR surely agrees..

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