Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 Secrets All Guys Keep From You

1. Any feelings we harbor for an ex are eclipsed by the love for our first Playboy.
2. We hear only the first half of what you say. It’s a medical condition.
3. There’s no correlation between how happy our sex life is and how much we use the Western grip in private.
4. Sex and the City was a hit with men, too, because we saw it as a wildlife doc on how women behave.
5. Hooters’ wings stop tasting good when we have a daughter. (sorta)


Anonymous said...

Man hooters wings are horrible and lately the women also suck.. hahaha The need more sisters working at hooters.

da part-a planna said...

can't say i've been back since Jazlyn's been here... gotta be like chris rock....keep her off da blog with that quote in there

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