Monday, April 27, 2009


Is College something to look down at? Please tell DLR why these rappers would rather talk gangsta than educated.

Plies, went to college yet he rarely mentions it.

Currently listed at the University of Houston in the process of receiving his Master's. WTF!!!

Rick Ross is also a college grad who insist on talking like he is a big time Drug Dealer.. WTF!!!!

Three of the hottest rapper well at least two and Plies.. LOL are College Graduates. But would rather talk about getting locked up, selling crack, etc. WTF!!! I thought attended a University and receiving your Degree was a major accomplishment for any black person today. SMDH!!! So why are they acting like their degree aren't important.

I guess this is why DMV's Wale hasn't made it to the top because he would rather tell you about education and says the hell with gangsta living . And we don't even turn the mans songs on unless he is in his Nike Boots, I guess Lil Wayne's education had something to do whit that.

AGAIN WTF!!!!!!!

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