Thursday, April 2, 2009

DLR NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's just been reported that the Washington Redskins are actively pursuing a trade involving Former Denver Broncos Quarterback Jay Cutler. One source said that the Redskins are trying to complete the deal as quickly as possible. Just think the Redskins have been known to have good ties in Denver i.e. "Clinton Portis". This would turn the NFC East upside down bringing the Redskins possible to the top of the division, but lets not forget Jay Cutler has shown flashes of sandlot football meaning he can give you a 6 INT game quick and then he can come back the very next game and burn your city down.

It's was also said that Washington is even entertaining involving a third team which could involve a trade with current QB Jason Campbell. Now comparing the two Campbell had a great year and Cutler cried all year, so it could be a pick your poison type of situation but the only thing that make Jay Cutler a standout in this matter is HE'S A BONOFIED QUARTERBACK...

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