Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cutler vs Campbell, DMV who would you pick?

As most of you know the Jay Cutler sweepstakes have intensified and one of the top running teams is the Washington Redskins. We all know that Dan Snyder covets the big name and in Cutler's case everyone seems to think he is the real deal and would be someone you could build your future around. But on the other hand the Redskins already have a veteran QB in Jason Campbell whom Redskin brass deemed as the future at one point in time. So it is shaping up to be JC (old) vs JC (new).

Check out these last seasons stats:

Comp% 62.3, TDs 25, INTs 18, QB rating 86
Comp% 62.3, TDs 13, INTs 6, QB rating 84.3

So the stats are basically even only differences by the touchdown and interceptions. My translation on this is that the Redskins would rather take chances down the field which Cutler has already proven (we can take more ints and score more points) , rather than keep playing safe football and only scoring 17 pts per game (We wont throw ints but we wont score to many passing touchdowns or throw the ball downfield either).

Well DLR tell us your opinion of this volatile matter. Keep Jason or will Jay be our savior in DC?

Cutler is 1 year younger than Campbell...


The King said...

Neither phuck both of them beotches. LOL Cowboys rule..

LU said...

GTFO cowgirls, either way our Defense dominates next year...ha

Anonymous said...