Monday, April 6, 2009

Where Are They Now: Victor Page

DMV streetball legend and former Georgetown Hoya star was profiled this weekend on WUSA9. Click here to see the video. An excerpt from the story is below. Damn shame all that talent he had went for not.

When Victor Page graduated from the District's McKinley Tech High school, where he once scored 56 points in leading the team to the city title, he was named Washington Post All Met Player of the Year.

A scholarship to Georgetown followed and for two years he excelled on the court for Coach John Thompson.

After leaving college for the pros, Victor Page seemed to resort back to the street thug he had been as a teen in Southeast DC.

He entered the NBA draft in 1997, but stumbled from a possible first round pick to not being drafted at all.

In an exclusive interview with 9NEWS NOW, Page admits his drinking, carousing and fighting got him tossed out of the NBA and the CBA and European Leagues.

He was shot in the eye in 2003 when he returned to his old stomping grounds of the Barry Farms Public housing project.

Page never testified as to who shot him, but with the one eye, he still insisted in an interview with 9NEWS NOW he was trying to get that one last shot at playing pro ball.

Page is now married and on probation for an assault charge. He says he spends time lecturing young people about his life.


Anonymous said...

Damn...he was good too.

BigBoyFloyd said...

Still a young man. Forget the hoops, time to find something else Vic.