Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pirates of Somolia PT 2

Man, you got to give it to these Somalian pirates because they just don't quit (I still cant believe we are talking about pirates in this day and age). Undeterred by the US and French hostage rescues that left 5 Somalians dead, the pirates have taken 4 more ships in the Gulf of Aden which is crazy in itself as this is the main waterway the world is focusing on to stop piracy. So these dudes are going extra hard.

The Gulf of Aden is one of the busiest shipping lanes and about 20,000 ships cross per year which is vital to businesses around the globe. The US Navy ensures that they are well prepared for any situations and yesterday Obama sent out a warning against any piracy. Well Mr President, it looks like you have another agenda on your hands because these pirates don't seem to take orders from anyone (I guess that's the definition of being a pirate). Stay tuned for more developments...

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