Thursday, April 2, 2009


If you have not been paying any attention to the NBA right now, your missing some of the best basketball ever. You have the race for first in the east, the battle for second in the east, and home court issues in both conferences.

The Boston Celtics are in a tough position this year, defending NBA Champions with key injuries right now, possibly going into the playoffs in second place in the division. Right now the Celtics have a 1 game lead over the Orlando Magic who lost last night to Toronto. And Orlando has to finish up the regular season with one more game against the KING.. Kevin Garnett is still out although he has been practicing and doing some light conditioning but no date has been set on when he will return.

All you have to say is LEBRON 'KING' JAMES... This dude is on fire. The Cav's have the best record in the NBA. Although they split this year with the Celtics they are still in the lead with the best record so the tie breaker may not even make a difference as to who is going to get home court advantage in the Playoffs. Right now it looks as if the KING has it locked up. If you haven't had to many chances to see Cleveland this year let me tell you they are not the same team as last year. The additions of Moe Williams and Delonte West in the back court has the Cav's playing lights out basketball. Hell these dudes are having so much fun they're even putting skits together before the game starts to show the opposing team how they mean to kick their azz... LMAO!!!! I am a big Celtic's fan and the Cav's have me nervous as hell.
And the Lakers.. How can you not talk about the Lakers. Kobe possible candidate for MVP again kicking everybodies butts. They even beat both the Celtics and Cav's during the regular season to enforce the tie breaker in their favor. There is no team in the entire Western Conf. who is even close to catching them for first place and they are playing like they are on cruise control.

All three of these teams have more than 60 wins this year and all three teams look like nobody can beat them which is getting ready to make for a very exciting Playoffs. Will the Celtics repeat, will the KING finally get the ring, and will Kobe get back and win without Shaq. All I know is I have the NBA League Package and this year it was money well spent. NBA is still FANTASTIC!!!


Anonymous said...

Lets go Wizards. Going to put the smack down on the Cavs with Gil.

Anonymous said...

nobody cares about the magic but this year they win it all and the cavs get beat in the first round by the bulls.