Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well it is back to the Top Tiger goes. Here's my 2009 Masters deal: I'll take Tiger Woods, and you can take the other 95 dead golfers walking. Call before Tiger's Thursday 1:52 p.m. ET tee time, and I'll even throw in a ShamWow. You can have Bubba and Boo, Sergio and"Tighty-Whities" Stenson, Rocco and Rory. haha.. You can have Lefty. In fact, you can have Righty, too. Take them all. DLR doesn't want anybody that doesn't have the last name WOODS... I know Woods hasn't teed it up in a major since June. I know Augusta National has more teeth than the Osmond family. I know he has won here only once in the past six years. And I don't care. Did you see him two Sundays ago at Bay Hill? He began the final round 5 strokes behind leader Sean O'Hair. He ended it 1 stroke ahead of everybody else. Now if I was a betting man my money would go on El Tigre' without even thinking twice.

But I don't gamble. LOL...See you Thursday at The Masters

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