Monday, March 16, 2009


Last night rapper Jim Jones was at a Detroit nightclub called Esko, when a group of men dressed in all black walked in and rushed his VIP booth. The men reportedly pulled out guns and opened fire in the club – allegedly at Jim Jones. While 4 shots were fired and a fight erupted, Jim Jones managed to escape uninjured. Unfortunately two clubgoers were shot. And it gets worse – one of the men shot was popular Detroit rapper Trick Trick. According to our sources, Trick Trick was with Jim Jones when the attempted assassination occurred – and Trick Trick may have saved Jim Jones’ life. Both gunshot victims are in stable condition.

This nukka Jim Jones needs to wake the heck up... His ballin days are getting short.

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Mr. LuCrack said...

didnt one of eminems boys get smoked not too long ago?