Monday, March 9, 2009


Beyonce tells all that Jay-Z was her first. Wonder if Beyonce was Jay-Z's first???? NOT!!!!!! And from doing my research I wonder if Bey is telling DLR the truth.. Let's See!!!

Beyonce has reportedly dated Kobe Bryant in 1998 (Bey would have been around 17 yrs old), Nas
Shemar Moore
Marques Houston in 2000
Eminem in 2001.

Right around the time that she met Jay Z,
Pharrell Williams were rumored to have been dating in 2002.
She was also romantically linked to Mos Def during the taping of the MTV film Carmen:

Now who in the hell is telling the truth here... I'm not sure about Beyonce!!! Maybe Keri Hilson is right about Bey "Turning her Off".. LOL

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da part-a planna said...

DLR gots the answer to that statement of B being a V..... scroll down to Clay from The Wire and click on that.... and listen closely.