Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mike Vick to play in Las Vegas???

As most of you may know, there is a new football league slated to start this year and somewhat compete with the NFL. The United Football League will feature teams from Las Vegas, Orlando, San Fransisco and already have former NFL coaches such as Jim Hasslett, Denny Green, and Jim Fassel on board.

Well as far as Vick is concerned there are rumors out there that the UFL is trying to lure the Falcons QB into this upstart league for at least the first season. This would make sense for Vick to get some practice time in and give the UFL some needed PR as he will be released from prison in May, but will most likely not be able to play in the NFL until 2010. Stay tuned for more on the Vick news...

For more info. on the UFL click http://www.ufl-football.com/

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