Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is it ever good to lose? Hell yeah if you are the Wizards!

Well the Washington Wizards took another loss tonight to the Oklahoma City Thunder (embarrassing) but wait, no need to get down it is actually time to rejoice...let me explain.
With 22 games left in the season the Wizards are battling 5 teams for the worst record in the NBA. With the playoffs being out of reach (literally when the season started) the best scenario would be for the Wiz to get the number 1 pick and select Blake Griffin who is a double double king. The 6-10 Soph works hard, never smiles, dives for balls and can score (bama had a 40 pts 20 reb in a game this year for the #3 Sooners). Think about it, next year when Gilbert and Haywood are back to full strength, the big three unite, and the bench players have more experience, Griffin could actually tip the Wiz over for a Eastern Conference appereance. (Stop that damn snickering)

So as you can see it is good for the Wizards to lose. For all of you Wiz fans we need your support in helping our team keep up this terrible pace. So break out your voo-doo, hoo-doo and those of you that have the Johnny Mush disease (the unlucky gambler in the movie Bronx tale) place your beats so that we can continue to tank the season.

Here are the records of the teams that are trying to beat us as the worst in the NBA:
  1. Sacremento 13-49
  2. Washington 14-47
  3. LA Clippers 15-46
  4. Memphis 15-44
  5. Oklahoma City 16-45

Gil don't come back until we have 5-10 games left, and try not to score too much. LOL


BigBoyFloyd said...

I dont like trying to lose games. With the lottery you arent gaurenteed anything. Just win all the games you can and let the chips fall where they may.

planna said...

don't know dog......yall see that dunk this weekend( b. griff)?? beast