Friday, March 6, 2009


The RNC committee is calling for Republican GOP Leader Michael Steele to step down. Dr. Ada Fisher who is One of Three Black Member of the GOP and supported South Carolina chairman Katon Dawson said that; "Uncle Tom, sorry Rep. Steele is eroding confidence in the GOP and that members of his transition team should encourage him to step aside."

Now Dawson claims to have resigned from the all-white country club he was prominently associated with a few weeks before seeking the chairmanship. However, Dawson is still a member of several all-white organizations. He says his motivation for becoming political was to fight against racial desegregation. Dawson is the person who will become head of the RNC if the second highest recipient of votes behind Steele is given the position once Steele is forced out. So, the Republicans would be led by a Southern throwback to the 1950s while an African-American is President.

The republican party continues to disentegrate. All because a black democrat beat the pants off the best white republican candidate the party could muster. They are taking it awfully hard down at the RNC. Must have been a real slap in the face...

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