Tuesday, March 10, 2009

EntrePoNukka Tip of the Week

This weeks tip is for those looking for a home based business. Whats better than going to work in your pj's...

Having a home based job is probably the best thing that could happen in your life. This changes your lifestyle to the highest level and in a positive way. It also takes you away from all the hassle that you may encounter with a normal day job out from your home. Your expenses would be cut down and you still get to feel the comfort that your home brings, anytime of the day. So, here are some of the top home jobs that a modern entrepreneur like you may want to get into.


Webmasters are Internet specialists responsible for all the aspects of a Web site. If you feel like venturing in this kind of job, then you have a great future ahead of you. You could assist businesses in areas like web site designing, logo creation, graphic or banner design, e-commerce, web hosting, internet web programming, marketing, scripts, security, mailing list management, copy writing, web site maintenance, and a lot more other areas.
Being a web master is not a static job as most people see it as only sitting in front of the computer for countless of hours. In fact, this kind of job is very dynamic because it requires you flexibility, creativity and good managerial skills to pull off this kind of position. Another beauty here is that it pays big, even if you’ll be working from your home or anywhere else that you please.


This kind of job would involve creation, production, and selling of information products. If you do not know what Information products are, these are basically goods that convey information to other people. They may come in the form of booklets, books, audio cassettes, videos, compact disks (CDs), files, electronic books, private websites, databases, and the like.
However, the thing here is that you do not only sell these products, but you would have to be the one to make it yourself too! Hence, you’ll be creating you own book or instructional manual of some sort. The beauty here is that the Info products that you’ll be selling are unique, since you were the one who created it. Thus, you also get ownership and exclusive control over these products of yours.

Instant Publishing

If you don’t think that you have what it takes to create your own media and Informational products, then you could always go for instant publishing. Being an instant publisher, you would be selling information products that were created by someone else who would grant you reprint or even resale rights. More often than not, self-publishers usually sell their products to other people so that it could complement their original information products.

International Trading

This kind of home job would involve importing and exporting. If you’re not familiar with this, then importing is basically buying goods or services from vendors that are in another country. On the other hand, exporting would be selling goods or services to people that are in another country. The fun part here is that you get to do all your transactions over the Internet. The currency that you’ll be using would also usually be US Dollars, which is an advantage to your part.

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