Friday, May 1, 2009

What to watch in sports: Weekend Edition!!

Finally the weekend is here (damn I need a drink) and there will be plenty of sporting events to watch on the tube cuz it will be a rainy one. We have the Caps in the 2nd round of playoff action, the Bulls/Celtics series conclusion and start of the 2nd round, and we have some big time boxing going on as Ricky Hatton faces Manny Pacquiao. Check out whats on tap for the weekend baby!!!!

Friday, May 1
Atlanta at Miami (espn@8pm) "Last game the Hawks smashed the Heat and Josh Smith attempted to do a "dunk contest" type of dunk in the last couple of minutes of the blowout. Even though he missed the dunk the Heat felt like they were showboating and vowed to get even. So I would defiantly stay tuned to this one."

St Louis at Nationals (masn@7pm)

Saturday, May 2
-Chicago at Boston (tnt@8pm) "Man this has been one of the best series I've seen in many years and only the first round. So game 7 could be one for the ages. Please tune in!"

-Pittsburgh at Washington (nbc@1pm) "Crosby vs Ovechkin...Its going to get ugly!"

-St Louis at Washington (masn2@1pm)

Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton (ppv@9pm) "Oh yeah boxing fans, this may be one of the fights of the year. I may even pay for it!"

Sunday, May 3
-St Louis at Washington (ch501:30pm)
-Boston at Tampa Bay (tbs@1:30pm) "Last season came down to these 2 teams."

-Miami at Atlanta (TBD if need be)
-Dallas at Denver (abc@3:30pm) "Denver has been ballin since Billups arrived and Dallas hit there stride at the end. That equals a good series."


BaddestMostTalented said...

Great weekend for sports.

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