Friday, May 1, 2009

Supreme Decision

President Obama has more on his plate than a fat kid at a buffet. He's now has to deal with selecting a Supreme Court Justice now that Justice Souter has stepped down. DLR would like to suggest Judge Joe Brown to the highest court in the land. Judge Joe was born in the DMV (DC to be exact) but moved to South Central where he grew up with the real Boyz N Tha Hood. Or what about Judge Mathis. He a certified OG where he made it cold in the "D". Both of these Judges would keep it real on the Supreme Court. about Judge Hatchett as a choice too, Justice Milf rings a nice bell. So make sure you call your local congressman and suggest one of these "real" judges.

DLR sidenote: Check out this episode of Judge Joe with none other as "I'm Rick James Bytch".


da part-a planna said...

LMAO!!!! " can call me Rick, just pay me my money...."----"...if I was homosexual, then he'd be my wife!!!..." Off da hook!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Judge Joe,
Im Rick James bitch!!!